Hi! Welcome to my world, the world of colorful frames!

My name is Alexandra, but you can call me Ola.

People tell me, that I am a good listener and a good observer. When I take photos, I know that I catpure moments, emotions, situations, that are unique and will not happen again. And this is the most beautiful thing in photography for me. Unique is also every story I hear, every wedding I am part of, and every person I meet.

I am glad, that I can capture emotions, love and happiness. Every couple and every wedding gives me energy, inspiration and motivation.

Taking photos at your wedding means not only work, but most of all trust and priviledge that I receive from You. It a perfect opportunity to meet, become part of Your world and accompany You on that special and most beautiful day for You.  I am always there for You, but if necessary, I become insible.

I believe, that we will create someting incredible together!

I know how important memories are, especially those captured in photos. I always do my best to recall good memories through my photos, to make you smile. I would describe my photography as natural, full of warm light and emotions, but at the same time I do not forget about simplicity and classic.

I am based in Gdańsk, Poland, but I am available worldwide 🙂

See You!

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